News and Notes from Park Street

As you all can see we have a new website with some cool features.  One of my favorites is the calendar right on the front page.  Take a look to see any upcoming special events and what’s happening with the live music.  You will also be able to find any holiday based closures as well.

Another thing we have added to try keep all or friends in the loop as to happenings at Park Street, as well as to give a little surprise every now and again, is our text program.  Once a week we will send out a text to let you know what’s going on.

text table top

The second wednesday of every month from May to September Park come out and see some amazing vintage rides and then cap your evening off with some great food and drink at Park Street.  Half priced bottles of wine are available but the Tapas menu will not be available.

While we are perfecting the new drink menu why don’t you all grab a sneak peek and try our new Mojito.  We are making it with an award winning small batch rum from California.  It is refreshing and delicious for the upcoming summer.

Keep your eyes peeled for new beer, new wine, new booze, and maybe even some new specials to keep your summer going well.